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Corona: Travel restriction extended until 15 June

15 mei 2020 The European Commission inviteded Member States to extend the travel restrictions until 15 June 2020.  The travel restriction is for non-essential travel to the European Union. The Schengen Member States and Schengen Associated States will decide for themselves if they will extend the travel restrictions until 15 June. The Netherlands follows the European Commission and will restrict all non-essential travel to the Netherlands until 15 June.

Essential travellers are doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, researchers and experts helping to cope with the coronavirus, as well as persons carrying goods, frontier workers and seasonal agricultural workers. They are allowed to enter. Read also our previous news flash on non-essential travel and travel restrictions.

The travel restriction also does not apply to EU citizens and their family members, citizens of non-EU Schengen countries and their family members, and non-EU nationals who are holder of an EU long term resident permit.

The travel restriction proposed by the European Commission applies to the ‘EU+ area', which includes all Schengen Member States , including Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Romania, and the 4 Schengen Associated States, which are Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

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