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Dutch passport in 6th place in world rankings

16 april 2021 The ranking of the most "valuable" passports is drawn up by Henley & Partners, and is also referred to as the "Henley Passport Index". The ranking is drawn up on the basis of the following criterion:

  • The number of countries that holders of a particular passport can visit without being in possession of a visa, or
  • in case the passport holder upon arrival at destination can be issued a visa or electronic travel authorization (ETA).

The Dutch passport is number 6 in the world ranking in 2021. The Netherlands does drop every year. In 2018 the Netherlands was still ranked number 4 in the world ranking. In 2019, the Netherlands had dropped to the 5th place, and in 2020 the Netherlands was in sixth place. Just like this year.

Holders of a Dutch passport can travel to 188 countries in 2021 without being in the possession of a visa. Japan is ranked number 1 2021. Nationals of Japan can travel to 193 countries without having a visa.

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