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Government fee of Dutch Integration Exam Abroad Lowered

17 december 2015 The government fee for the Dutch ‘Integration Exam Abroad’ which foreigners need to pass at the Dutch embassy in their country of origin is lowered from € 350 to € 150. The practise material for the test will also be made freely available digitally. The Secretary of State also mentioned that it will be easier for a foreigner to qualify for an exemption of the 'Integration Exam Abroad’ in specific individual circumstances. 

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Corona: Travel restriction extended until 15 June

15 mei 2020 The European Commission inviteded Member States to extend the travel restrictions until 15 June 2020.  The travel restriction is for...

Foreign Entrepreneurs can apply for TOZO (Corona virus support)

17 april 2020 Foreign nationals holding a residence permit to work as en entrepreneur (free lance visa) can apply for TOZO benefits. This will not endanger...

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