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Schengenvisa about to expire in the Netherlands & Corona

What to do when you are in the Netherlands, unable to leave the country and your visa is almost expiring or is expired?

23 March 2020 If you are staying in the Netherlands on a short-stay visa (Schengenvisa type C), and cannot leave the Netherlands and your visa expires within 1 month then you can apply at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) for an extension by telephone on Dutch national grounds (telephone number 088 04 30430).

Extending of your Schengenvisa is not possible at an IND desk at this moment. It is not necessary to have your new Dutch short-stay visa in your passport before date of expiration of your current Schengenvisa. The fact that you have called IND before expiration date of your current Schengenvisa and have scheduled an  appointment for a short-stay visa is sufficient to have legal stay in the Netherlands after date of expiration date of your current Schengenvisa. Your new Dutch short-stay visa will be issued retro-actively valid from the date of expiration of your current Schengenvisa.

The Dutch Foreigner’s Police is also instructed about these new guidelines. The extension is only valid in the Netherlands and will be registered in the European Visa Information System (VIS).

In case you can leave the Netherlands before you have your appointment to have your new Dutch short-stay visa in your passport and after expiration of your Schengenvisa, you can contact IND by phone 088 04 30430 and request an urgent appointment. You must have a valid Dutch national short-stay visa in your passport before you leave the Netherlands.

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What do you need to bring to the appointment for your short stay visa?

Original passport
Proof of cancellation of your flight by your airline
A reservation for a hotel or other accommodation
Travel medical insurance valid for new period of stay in the Netherlands
Guarantor statement by company, or by the private person that invited you
Two original passport photos (Dutch passport size photos)
There is no government filing fee

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