In 2021 and 2020 we are the best-rated law firm in the Netherlands in terms of client satisfaction.

In 2021 and 2020 we are the best-rated law firm in the Netherlands in terms of client satisfaction.

Sander Groen
Sander Groen, partner

Sander Groen specializes in highly skilled migration and European immigration issues. He is also well versed in litigation on behalf of employers who have been fined for illegal employment.

Sander is recommended by his international colleagues every year as one of the few corporate immigration lawyers in the Netherlands in the International Who's Who Legal of Corporate Immigration Lawyers. The Who's Who Legal highlights Sander as "a top name for compliance issues, as well as complex immigration matters, with an excellent track record advising clients in connection with highly skilled migrant visas". Read his full biography in the Who's Who Legal of Corporate Immigration here.

Peers and clients say:
  • “He is a very highly professional and knowledgeable corporate immigration practitioner".
  • Sander’s advice on immigration matters is unique and result oriented".
  • "His skills and professionalism undoubtedly helped me to achieve all the work permits approvals successfully on time”.
  • He is very committed, loyal, knowledgeable and professional”.


Clients are multinationals, large (family owned) companies and small and medium sized enterprizes (SME’s). These companies are (among others) active in IT, finance, the food and energy sector. Sander takes care of the visa, work and residence permits applications for their employees and their families. He also advises those companies how to ensure to be compliant with Dutch immigration rules and regulations.

Sander has assisted the foreigner to whom is issued the very first high net worth individual visa ('golden visa') in the Netherlands (2015). He has done the same with the first EU Blue Card that has been granted (2011), and his client obtained in 2006 the first permit to work as an entrepreneur based upon the point based system (2006) . Sander has also won the first case ever in which the court ruled that a violation of the Act on Employment of Foreigners can not be published (2017).

Sander represents employers in proceedings against the imposition of a fine for illegal employment. He frequently litigates against the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate and successfully. He has won many high-profile cases. He already created groundbreaking case law in 2008, and in September 2016 he again obtained a far-reaching ruling at the Council of State. He also advises companies on how to prevent administrative Wav fines from being imposed. Clients are in the construction sector, catering industry, temporary employment sector, and all kinds of other companies active in various sectors that have been imposed a Wav fine.

European law promotes migration between Member States, while their national jurisdictions restrict the same. Clients are often not aware of their opportunities according to European law. It is most interesting to identify those for them. Sander has extensive expertise in advising about the free movement of persons and free movement of services within the European Union.

Sander lectures on corporate immigration law at various universities and European and Dutch immigration law to attorneys-at-law. In the recent past he also lectured to immigration officers. He is co-editor of the Commentary on the Immigration Directive 2000.


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