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mr Hans van Oort, attorney at law

Prior to commencing work as an attorney-at-law at Kroes Advocaten, Hans was a lecturer in European Law at the Europe Institute of Leiden University for one and a half years. 

Hans van Oort

Hans studied law at VU University, Amsterdam. During this study programme he supplemented his special interest in migration law by working as a student assistant for various university lecturers and professors at the Amsterdam Centre for Migration and Refugee Law of VU University. In parallel to his studies, he also worked for Stichting Migratierecht Nederland and volunteered as a guest lecturer for Amnesty International. Hans also was active as editorial secretary for the Ímmigration blog 'Verblijfblog'. 

Before starting his law studies, Hans studied commercial economics at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. He also completed a master's degree in hotel management at the Hotel Management School, Maastricht and Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. He then worked for several years in various five-star hotels in Amsterdam. In addition to Dutch and English, Hans also speaks French fluently due to his work experience in France and Switzerland.

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