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Sarah Lindeboom, attorney at law

Sarah Lindeboom has more than a decade of experience in migration law. She specialises in the area of labour migration, Dutch citizenship, proceedings for imposing fines under the Dutch Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act and complicated family migration.

Sarah Lindeboom

Sarah has brought many complicated cases to a successful conclusion and won many lawsuits. Her business clients vary from large multinationals to a start-up wishing to hire its first foreign national. Sarah is also more than pleased to help private individuals. 

She is one of the few real specialists in the country in the area of the Netherlands Nationality Act. 

Sarah also stays up to date and keeps a close eye on favourable legislative amendments for her clients, as borne out by the fact that she assisted in granting the first start-up residence permit in the Netherlands.

Clients describe her as very knowledgeable, accessible, an excellent communicator, decisive and charming.

Sarah began her career in 2006 as a judicial clerk at the Aliens Division of the Amsterdam District Court. While at the district court, she regularly handled migration, asylum and detention cases, attended many hearings and prepared and wrote rulings for the judges. As she saw many lawyers in action during her time there, she knows which approach will be successful when she now represents clients as a lawyer herself.

Sarah was also part of the aliens law working group of the Dutch Section of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). After some two and a half years, she moved to the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF). At the UAF, she supported refugees with higher education in their studies. She also gave advice to employers and assisted them in applying for residence permits for highly-skilled migrants. Her work at the UAF further deepened her knowledge in other areas of migration law. Sarah then started to work as a lawyer.

She studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam and attended a semester of French law at the ‘Sorbonne’ in Paris during her degree. She then lived for a further year in France. As a result, Sarah speaks fluent French in addition to Dutch and English.

Sarah represents our firm in the European Immigration Lawyers Network (EILN).

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T: +31 (0)20 520 7050


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