In 2020 we became the best-rated law firm in the Netherlands in terms of customer satisfaction.

In 2020 we became the best-rated law firm in the Netherlands in terms of customer satisfaction.

Immigration and residence permits for private clients

Kroes Advocaten takes on corporate as well as individual clients. Thanks to our lawyers' many years of experience in the field of immigration law, we know how to avoid the pitfalls in this field.

We have the expertise that it takes to provide our private clients with the best possible advice with regard to the options for continued residence in the Netherlands.

Immigration and residence permits

You can contact us for all your issues regarding immigration and residence permits.

We have many years of experience in temporary residence permit applications, visa applications and family reunification. Moreover, we have a very good relationship with the Immigration Service (IND), which increases the chances of success.

By securing your residence in the Netherlands, you can start focusing on your future in the Netherlands again.

In need of advice?

We are glad to advise you on any immigration issue.

  • A part of our clients are new arrivals and their direct relatives or family. For instance, private individuals who want their partner to immigrate from abroad.
  • We can provide assistance to those wishing to prolong their stay, for instance, after graduating, when employment has been terminated or following a divorce or termination of a relationship.
  • We assist private clients who wish to become a Dutch citizen, including all complications that can occur.
Be in Good Company. Our clients appreciate our excellent and client-oriented service.
Sarah was very kind and easy to talk to. Besides that, she gave us clear answers to our questions and I felt confidence in all the information she shared with us.
2 December 2021
Edward van Kempen is my lawyer, helping me to solve the resident gap problem. In two years, he tried his best to solve this issue from professional perspective. During the period, he continued to give me high quality advice and encouraged me…
30 November 2021
Edward van Kempen help me on my case regarding residence gap. It took a very long time from the IND side but the whole time Edward was very patient and helpful by analysing for me what we can do and what is the best decisions to make at…
30 November 2021
It was a pleasure to use their services.Sarah helped us out with the process of getting a visa for my spouse.Everything was communicated professionally and clearly, making the entire IND process effortless and fast for us.
29 November 2021
Kroes Advocaten was extremely helpful, with a great level of professionalism, documentation efficiency. Extremely high recommended!
26 November 2021
Working with Kroes Advocaten, especially Sander Groen was extremely helpful on many levels. Not only he has great expertise in different parts of the process but wide knowledge of all procedures around it, with a great level of professionalism,…
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26 November 2021
Sarah was extremely punctual and clear at every step of the process. Thanks to her I immigration process was not bothering and I felt like I can rely on Kroes Advocaten without any worry.
22 November 2021
response is very good and explanation is very clear to understand. good performance.
19 November 2021
We were fortunate to place one phone call and have Sheryl attend to all of our needs immediately with precision, thoughtfulness and clarity. She was responsive, informed, and able to navigate our needs during the especially trying time of…
16 November 2021
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Do you need assistance with the MVV and residence permit application?

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