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Golden Visa in the Netherlands is not a success

14 May 2019 Since its introduction in October 2013 less than 20 foreign investors applied for the high net worth individual visa (golden visa). And less than 10 visa were eventually granted. The Dutch government expected that around 500 application per year would be submitted.

A golden visa is issued to foreign investors that invest € 1,25 million in a company in The Netherlands, or in a investment funds which is a member of the Dutch Association of Participation Funds, or in a SEED-funds. These funds themselves invest in Dutch companies.

The Dutch Secretary of State writes in his letter to the Dutch Parliament that the Netherlands has very restrictive admission conditions compared to other EU Member States. This could be a reason according the Secretary of State for the minimum interest in the Dutch golden visa. He describes three reasons:

-        The amount of € 1,25 million to be invested is high.
-        The investment must be of added value for the Netherlands.
-        The application will be assessed by the Finance Intelligence Unit.

An evaluation of the regulation will take place in 2019. This may lead to an amendent of the golden visa conditions.

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