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Highly Skilled Migrant & Corona: salary falls below threshold

30 maart 2020 The gross monthly salary of a highly skilled migrant can fall below the highly skilled migrant salary threshold in case the employer makes use of the Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Sustained Employment (NOW).  If this situation occurs:

The employer must inform IND within 4 weeks under the compliance duty to inform IND.

Will the highly skilled migrant lose its residence permit because he earns less than the salary threshold? The IND indicates that the IND can not yet answer this question at this moment. The IND is in deliberation with the Ministry of Social Affairs regarding this question.

Kroes Advocaten thinks that the residence permit of the highly skileld migrant will not be revoked. This is based on a comparision with other regulations by which the salary of the highly skilled mirant can fall below the threshold.

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