Kroes Advocaten Immigration Lawyers is een nichekantoor gespecialiseerd in Nederlands en Europees immigratierecht.

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Kroes Advocaten heeft door de jaren heen zeer veel bedrijven en particulieren bijgestaan. Onze cliënten waarderen: onze uitstekende en cliëntgerichte dienstverlening, ons snelle antwoorden en heldere communicatie, de puntige, kernachtige en duidelijke juridische analyses en onze scherpe tarieven.

Lees hieronder enkele testimonials en succesverhalen. Neem het niet alleen van ons aan, lees wat onze cliënten over ons zeggen!

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"We came to Kroes Advocaten office with almost no hope for success. My case was very complicated mostly because of many intricate factors affecting the situation. All previous lawyers we contacted either simply refused to help me referring to impossibility to win the case or proposed some shady ways full of risks. Pieter Krop is a real professional. He is a lawyer who does not take unnecessary risks and would never recommend you anything without having a confidence in a successful outcome. After 5 minutes of our conversation he already knew a way out from my curvy and twisted situation! It signifies his high knowledge of the law. Not only Pieter based his solution on his personal extensive knowledge and juridical experience, but also he asked for a second opinion of one of his colleagues in order to minimize the risks. And only after that he came back to us with the final solution. It refers to a high professionalism of Pieter. The rest went very fast. Within one day Pieter prepared a well justified objection to IND. I had no need to do anything myself! No more stressful calls to IND and unwanted emotions. All the communication with IND was carried out by Pieter. In case of any questions, he responded me within minutes in a very friendly and professional form. I have honestly got an impression that he does care about his customers and understands our worries. Finally, our objection was found grounded and we won the case. I think I do not need to add anything else here. Just one more thing, Pieter has definitely deserved my personal respect." Alexander Belov — Highly Skilled Migrant
"I worked with Kroes Advocaten when I lived in Amsterdam in 2010 and upon returning this past year, used them again to get my entrepreneur's permit. The team moved quickly, answered my questions promptly, offered thoughtful advice to my often far-ranging questions and helped me become an entrepreneur within weeks. I would recommend them to any expat looking to work in Amsterdam." Catherine Smith — Dutch American Friendship Treaty
“After few years of study and work, my residence history was put in jeopardy because of the company re-organization due to the crisis. Before I took my case to Mr. Sander Groen at Kroes Advocaten, I had already received two rejections from the IND for the same application for change of purpose of stay, the second one while being represented by another lawyer. With the first attempt, Mr Groen easily convinced the IND to withdraw the initial decision (rejection). Long story short, he literally changed my situation from having to leave the country, to getting my permanent residence permit: saving my residence history and my career. He carefully listens to the client's story and puts quality effort in the case, perfectly matching the client's situation. Without a doubt, he is one of the best immigration lawyers in this country.“ Alizeza H. — Entrepreneur
"Sander Groen has made it possible for me to make my very complicated dream to work and reside in Holland possible! He is always available for any stress with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and he is very knowledgeable of all the ins and outs of the Dutch Immigration law. I recommend him to any of my friends." Yehia Fahmi — Highly Skilled Migrant
"Pieter Krop and the team at Kroes Advocaten were extremely easy to work with and helped us successfully apply for and receive our visas. All of our interactions was friendly and efficient, and we were very pleased with a positive outcome". Scott Smith — Dutch American Friendship Treaty
"Fantastic, you guys have been absolutely amazing at helping me out with this return visa. Got back to me much quicker than I expected! Really appreciate the work done for me.” Dennis Lau — Highly Skilled Migrant
"We were living in Hawaii near the end of our careers when we fell in love with Amsterdam and decided we wanted to move here. For our friends, the question was, "Why?" but for us it was, "How?". At first immigration looked impossible, but then we learned of the Dutch American Friendship Treaty and discovered Kroes Advocaten. We're pretty sure our immigration situation was unique, but Sheryl Goldberg put us completely at ease with her knowledge of the Treaty and the necessary steps to make our relocation a reality. Following her guidance, we put together the required paperwork as we prepared for the move, and within two weeks of arriving in Amsterdam we had met with city and immigration officials, we were official Amsterdam residents, and we were on the way to receiving residence permits. Several years have passed and Sheryl continues to guide us with renewals and other immigration-related help. The quality of our life in Amsterdam has exceeded our wildest dreams, and Sheryl and Kroes Advocaten made our move here so much easier that it might have been." Harrison and Sharene Klein — Dutch American Friendship Treaty
"My experience with Kroes Advocaten and in particular, Inge Eggen-te Pas, has been very positive. She thoroughly explained the residence option for me and the whole process. A reasonable estimate of costs was provided and adhered to. During the process Inge responded promptly by email or phone to all my questions and need for repeat explanations. This was a trouble free process that was successfully concluded within the projected time frame. I highly recommend Kroes Advocaten for resolution of residence issues." Gail Rowell — Dutch American Friendship Treaty
“I needed a legal advice on a very short notice. I was helped almost immediately, within one hour. The advice was clear, well grounded, and saved me from doing a serious mistake in my immigration process. Had I made this mistake it would have likely taken a protracted legal process to correct my record. I am very happy with this service. Peter is a good communicator and speaks excellent English.” Lutsyshyn — Highly Skilled Migrant