Kroes Advocaten Immigration Lawyers is een nichekantoor gespecialiseerd in Nederlands en Europees immigratierecht.

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Kroes Advocaten heeft door de jaren heen zeer veel bedrijven en particulieren bijgestaan. Onze cliënten waarderen: onze uitstekende en cliëntgerichte dienstverlening, ons snelle antwoorden en heldere communicatie, de puntige, kernachtige en duidelijke juridische analyses en onze scherpe tarieven.

Lees hieronder enkele testimonials en succesverhalen. Neem het niet alleen van ons aan, lees wat onze cliënten over ons zeggen!

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“Self-employment visa is one of the most complicated to apply, lot of paperwork and not obvious things. Inge helped me during all the process, described everything in details, contacted with IND employers for speeding up the flow. I would not hesitate a second to give her my best recommendations.” Kopanev — Entrepreneur
“I'm overall very happy with Pieter Krop's counsel. My case was somewhat unusual, and required a creative approach on Pieter's part, on which he delivered. I was also very pleased with Pieter's honesty and rapport not just as a lawyer, but as an individual. I recently received my visa, and would highly recommend Pieter Krop as a highly trustworthy and competent immigration lawyer.” Terra Education and Development Consultants — Entrepreneur
“Mr. Sander is the best to work with, the way he guides, its really commendable, he has through command on this work and can guide you the right path based on your circumstances.” Syed Ali — Entrepreneur
“We find your Office and Specially our legal advisor Wonderful in respect of Knowledge, Advice and Perfect Communications and Interactive with client. He cared our request from A to Z in a high Professional way. I trust that I will introduce him to whoever might need legal advice.” Hasheminejad — Entrepreneur
“Sander was very diligent and involved in my visa process. He made sure to check and double check, and also had a network of outside experts to help with certain aspects.” Derksen — Entrepreneur
“This is my second time using Kroes Advocaten and my first time working with Sheryl. I underwent a standard permit renewal to continue residing in the Netherlands as a self-employed entrepreneur. Sheryl offered a detailed assessment of my potential case and then handled the case swiftly. communication was good throughout and I encountered no notable issues. I appreciate how Sheryl and her colleagues at Kroes Advocaten have the experience necessary to ask the right questions so as to preempt problems. This saves time, money, and hassle. I can leave my case with them and focus on continuing to run my own business and life, confident that we will achieve a positive result. Heartily recommended!” Hsiao — Entrepreneur
"Kroes Advocaten were fantastic to work with during my successful visa application process. They were honest from the very beginning about how difficult & time consuming the process could be but at all times confidently encouraged my application. Sheryl was passionate about ensuring that "every 'I' as dotted and 't' was crossed. She thoroughly investigated every subtle nuance of my case and kept me informed of every new development in a timely manner. We worked as a team through the whole process and were both ecstatic with the result!" Kerry Finlayson — Entrepreneur
"My experience with Kroes Advocaten has been very positive, specifically when it comes to being well-informed, timely, as well as exceptionally fair, with regard to pricing and having the best interest of their clients in mind. I highly recommend them to any individual or organization in need of settlement assistance with for the Netherlands". Niki — Entrepreneur
"My family’s experience with the immigration attorneys at Kroes Advocaten was exactly what we wanted: short and sweet. As with most countries, immigration law in the Netherlands is complex and confusing even for native speakers. After responding to our inquiry with regard to our desire to live as temporary residents in the Netherlands while our daughter attends school here, we went with Kroes Advocaten because of the firm’s experience, professionalism and success rate. Sander Groen, the attorney at Kroes Advocaten who took our case, instructed us that our best immigration solution was to seek temporary-resident status as entrepreneurs based on the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. After an exchange of emails, we understood the requirements for this approach and, quite importantly, we knew exactly what documents we needed to bring with us upon arrival to the Netherlands. When we finally jumped through all the hoops (in the proper order with the required documents), as had been outlined by Sander, Netherlands Immigration (IND) informed us that a decision on our status could take as long as four months. Four days later we were approved. It was more than we could have hoped for, especially when one considers that we simply could not have done it alone. Thanks Kroes Advocaten and Sander! We will be using your services again in two years when we will need to renew." Bennett Witt — Entrepreneur
“After few years of study and work, my residence history was put in jeopardy because of the company re-organization due to the crisis. Before I took my case to Mr. Sander Groen at Kroes Advocaten, I had already received two rejections from the IND for the same application for change of purpose of stay, the second one while being represented by another lawyer. With the first attempt, Mr Groen easily convinced the IND to withdraw the initial decision (rejection). Long story short, he literally changed my situation from having to leave the country, to getting my permanent residence permit: saving my residence history and my career. He carefully listens to the client's story and puts quality effort in the case, perfectly matching the client's situation. Without a doubt, he is one of the best immigration lawyers in this country.“ Alizeza H. — Entrepreneur