Kroes Advocaten Immigration Lawyers is een nichekantoor gespecialiseerd in Nederlands en Europees immigratierecht.

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Kroes Advocaten heeft door de jaren heen zeer veel bedrijven en particulieren bijgestaan. Onze cliënten waarderen: onze uitstekende en cliëntgerichte dienstverlening, ons snelle antwoorden en heldere communicatie, de puntige, kernachtige en duidelijke juridische analyses en onze scherpe tarieven.

Lees hieronder enkele testimonials en succesverhalen. Neem het niet alleen van ons aan, lees wat onze cliënten over ons zeggen!

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“After almost a year of waiting for IND to make a decision on my Dutch citizenship application, I received a rejection letter from IND. I was very disappointed and upset with it but luckily I got a very good advice from a friend of mine to help me with it. My friend introduced me to Irene, who helped my friend with a rejection from IND on her permanent permit application and it turned out with a positive decision after appealing. So I contacted Irene via calling and emailing to discuss what could be the best way to handle my case. Irene told me that she mostly dealing with the cases for applications of permanent permit, so she needed to ask for some advice from her colleagues. And she didn't let me down. She sent out the appeal letter on time, and she always kept me updated with the status, even though some times just to updated me that she didn't hear anything back from the IND office. Finally after 3 months of waiting, I got the good news from Irene that IND admitted that they made a mistake with my case at the first place! So now I cold get 501 euros back from them and I am now back to the progress to wait for the invitation to go to the ceremony. Dank u wel, Irene! Much appreciated for your great help! I would suggest every friend of mine to come to you if they are suffering from the same issue as I had (hopefully they won't got a reject at the first place, hehe..).” Arwen — Dutch passport
“Sarah was very clear in outlining the options, steps, costs, and requirements to obtain Dutch nationality. She remained in good contact with me and the IND, and I felt like I had a real partner in the process and a good advocate. She helped me with each step and also provided additional external resources when needed. With her help, I obtained Dutch nationality relatively quickly. She has a nice and friendly manner and made herself available when she thought I might need support. I highly recommend her services.” Meade — Dutch passport
“We contacted 3 lawyers in The Netherlands regarding gaining Dutch Nationality for both myself and my daughter. We explained the relevant facts to all 3 and 2 of the lawyers immediately told us our application would be unsuccessful. Jelle Kroes requested some additional info and was much more thorough and informed us it might be possible due to some laws which the other lawyers had overlooked. Jelle Kroes had far more expertise in this area and we were successful in obtaining our Dutch Nationality and my daughter has fulfilled her dream to dive for Holland and is now on the Dutch national team. We were delighted with the service we received.” Van der Vos — Dutch passport
"In het kader van een nationaliteits-ontname door de Nederlandse Staat heeft het Advocaten-cabinet Kroes het mandaat ontvangen van mij, om mijn Nederlandse nationaliteit hetzij te laten behouden, hetzij de Nederlandse nationaliteit terug te laten verkrijgen. Dit is gelukt. Ik teken hierbij verder nog aan dat: de ondersteuning efficient is geweest, de procedure het gedachte kosten niveau niet heeft overschreden, de procedure documenten voltallig en rijk gedocumenteerd waren, en de samenwerking professioneel, respectvol en vriendelijk was. Vooral Mme Sarah Lindeboom heeft zich ten volle ingezet op een aangename wijze, waarvoor ik mijn welgemeende dank uitspreek." De heer John van Gilst — Dutch passport