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Schengenvisa: some numbers on appeals

19 September 2018 The Ministry of Justice has published upon request some figures on appeals against rejection for Schengenvisa applications. Over the period 2013-2017 there is a steady grow in the number of appeals filed: from 5650 to 8550. The information does not tell if also the total number of Schengenvisa applications did grow. 

Over the years 2013-2016 the percentage of appeals won and Schengenvisa’s issued remained the same: around 25%.  2017 stands out: in 2017 one can see a sharp drop. Only 15% of appeals filed lead to a Schengenvisa. There is no reason provided for this.

Our experience is that with a well-motivated and properly written appeal, the case can be won and the Schengenvisa will be issued.

In 2016 and 2017 most appeals are filed against the refusal of the Schengenvisa by the Dutch representation in Marrocco, Turkey, Iran and Egypt.

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