Migration signifies: crossing the border, leaving the beaten path behind. This demands courage. Every migrant has a unique story to tell. That is our inspiration.

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Corporate immigration for companies

Our lawyers have a long history with corporate immigration. Kroes Advocaten Immigration Lawyers serves as a discussion partner for national and local government bodies in the field of corporate immigration law.

Our lawyers regularly publish articles on subjects in this field in various law journals. Kroes Advocaten is a valued and active partner of IN Amsterdam, formerly known as Amsterdam Expat Center.

Immigration procedures

We build up long-term relationships with our clients, tailoring our procedures to each client's wishes to ensure that for each client we can submit visWe have a long history
with corporate immigration.
a and work permit applications with maximum speed and efficiency. Both the company and the employee are kept up to date of every important step taken in their case.


Where transfers between companies in a group, or the non standard transfer of foreign nationals are concerned, we place the request within a framework of lesser-known, often international, law. We find a solution for every immigration query!

The list at this page provides an overview of the visa and work permits we specialise in.

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We will be glad to advise your company. Please feel free to contact one of our immigration lawyers.

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