Every year we are in the top 3 of the best law firms in the Netherlands in the field of client satisfaction.

Every year we are in the top 3 of the best law firms in the Netherlands in the field of client satisfaction.

EU nationals and their family members

All EU citizens and their immediate family members have the right to reside in the Netherlands, without a residence permit.

EU citizens or “Union citizens” are citizens of other EU members states that move to The Netherlands. They have the immediate right to reside in the Netherlands if they are employed, looking for employment, or are entrepreneurs, or if they have sufficient means to support themselves and cover their health insurance.

Third country nationals family members

For family members of EU citizens who are nationals from another country, outside the European Union – third country nationals – the rights of residence applicable to EU citizens are extended to them as well. Even unmarried partners are often extended the same rights, and treated as Union citizens.

EU Entry visa instead of MVV

These third country nationals do not need a MVV to enter the Netherlands, and can request an EU entry visa ("EU facilitation visa") to the Netherlands from a Dutch Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence/origin. Applying for such a visa is a short, maximum of 15 working days, and cost free, process. Needless to say, family members who are third country nationals do not need to pass the Dutch integration exam.

5 years residence

After a period of 5 years residence, EU citizens and their family members are eligible for a permanent residence permit. This is the highest residence status in the Netherlands and can only be lost after an absence of two consecutive years. Any physical presence in the Netherlands of a few days is sufficient to 'stop' the period of 2 consecutive years period. A new term of 2 years will then start.

Verification against EU law

An application for EU verification is an application for a residence permit from a third country national for a residence permit to stay with an EU citizen. That EU citizen cannot have the Dutch nationality. A Dutch national can only invoke European immigration law in case this Dutch national has lived in an European Member State other than the Netherlands for at least 3 months.

When meeting the requirements, the application can be done for the following family members:

  • Spouse or registered partner, above the age of 18
  • Unmarried partner, above the age of 18
  • (Grand)child under 21 (or under 18 in case it concerns the (grand)child of the unmarried partner of the EU citizen)
  • (Grand)child or (grand)parent, only when financially dependent on the EU citizen
  • Another family member, for example an uncle, aunt, or cousin. And one of the following  situations applies: (1) The family member is financially dependent on the EU citizen. (2) The family member already lived together with the EU citizen in the country of origin. (3) The family member needs care from the EU citizen because of serious health problems.


Additional requirements for the family member(s) may apply. Note that in order to apply for verification against EU law, the person with a nationality from outside the EU, must be in the Netherlands. This means that you must travel to the Netherlands first. When you are still outside of the EU, you will need to apply for an EU facilitation visa, at the Dutch representative in your country of origin, or residence.

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6 May 2024
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